Keeping Clients Up-to-date

Lorne intends to provide a support service to his Clients, potential Clients and other people organisations/people that at his discretion he allows to participate from time to time, and which support service is intended to assist in keeping them up to date in his specialist field of Construction law and Dispute Resolution. The form of such support, which will be provided as and when it is considered appropriate by Lorne.



Lorne will from time to time post Articles on this Website and which will initially be available to all although he reserves the right to limit the ability of others to access the information. Such articles are likely to consider important legal cases in the field of construction, trends past or future in the industry, new publications including forms of contracts and books and statutory regulations relating to construction contracts, the construction process and law.


News Update

Each quarter, starting later on this year, Lorne will be issuing a ‘News Update’ setting out key events, information etc that may be of assistance to people interested in the field of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution. As with the invitations to breakfast seminars above, this update will be issued to designated recipients that Lorne will choose at his discretion.

If you would like to be included on the circulation list for the News Updates then please email your interest to




  • Equitable Set Off from an Adjudication Decision  Download PDF


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