In-house Seminars, workshops and training

Lorne has lectured and presented some 1500 lectures/seminars/workshops on a wide range of Construction Contracts, Law and Dispute Resolution subjects including NEC, JCT, ICE, ICC, FIDIC, IChemE, PPC, MF/1, GC/Works, Frameworks Claims, Adjudication, Contracts Administration, Negotiation, Warranties and Bonds amongst many others. Groups range from small workshops with 5 people up to 175. Having been involved in public speaking for many years he is able to present the information in an interesting and extremely informative style, structuring the content and pitching the level of intensity and depth to suit the delegates and the subject matter.

Having worked for Clients of all categories and in all related sectors, and over many years, Lorne is able to make any seminar relevant and to add the value of additional knowledge to those attending including by being able to relate new contracts, arrangements, issues etc to their previous/other forms.

With his own experiences as well as qualifications, Lorne is ideally suited to guide people through Construction Contract arrangements and in a manner which is understandable to those in the industry including notifications and communications, administration, Certificates, financial claims and evaluation including variations, changes, loss and/or expense, compensation events, early warning procedures, EOT, liquidated and unliquidated damages, defects and making good/correction procedures, completion and practical completion criteria etc.



Given Lorne’s extensive experiences in the Construction Industry and in many sectors, and the combination of his practical and hands on involvement in the construction process, along with his excellent knowledge and qualifications as a Barrister and Quantity Surveyor he is able to present the training, whether in seminar or workshop format in a manner that provides knowledge and understanding and in a practical way that adds value to the day to day work of those that attend.

Whilst he will cover any topic in the field of construction contracts, law and disputes, the range can be summarised as all the up to date versions of the following;

JCT Main and Sub-Contracts

  • Minor Works
  • Intermediate
  • Design and Build
  • With or Without Quantities
  • Measured Term
  • Major Projects
  • Consultancy Agreements

NEC Main and Subcontracts

  • Engineering and Construction
  • Short Contracts
  • Professional Services
  • Term Service
  • Alliance Contract
  • Supply
  • Design, Build & Operate

FIDIC Main and Subcontracts

  • Contract for Construction
  • Plant and Design-Build
  • Turnkey
  • Short Form

ICC Main and Subcontracts

  • Infrastructure
  • Term
  • Measurement/With Quants
  • Design and Construct
  • Partnering
  • Minor Works

And many other topics including

  • Delay and EOT
  • Damages, Loss, Expense, Cost
  • Consultants Agreements and Liability
  • Novation and Assignment
  • Claims and Disputes
  • Adjudication
  • Negotiations
  • Notices and Contract Administration
  • Collateral Warranties and 3rd Party Rights

Approach to In-house Training Courses

When a Client would like an in-house training course/workshop we will;

  • Develop the arrangement with the Client and provide a programme tailored to their needs including specific contracts/projects and specific problem areas/questions.
  • Provide an agreed programme identifying the topics, timescales, breaks etc. Ordinarily courses will be run from 9am-1pm (half day) or 9am – 5pm (full day) including coffee and lunch breaks.
  • In advance of the course provide a master set of the notes and other materials for the Client to copy for the delegates.
  • Create and provide in advance any visual or other aids necessary for the proper presentation of the course.
  • Agree a lump sum fee to cover Lorne Alway’s presentation, notes etc and any travel and accommodation which we will arrange unless agreed otherwise.
  • Present the course including questions and answer sessions.
  • Upon receipt of details of the delegates who have attended then provide CPD certificates for each person signed by Lorne.
  • Provide a Feedback Form to delegates on the day and provide the information to the Client soon after the Course.


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