Seminars, workshops, training and public presentations

Lorne has lectured and presented some 1500 lectures/seminars/workshops on a wide range of Construction Contracts, Law and Dispute Resolution subjects including NEC, JCT, ICE, ICC, FIDIC, IChemE, PPC, MF/1, GC/Works, Framework Claims, Adjudication, Contracts Administration, Negotiation, Warranties and Bonds and many others. Groups range from small workshops with 5 people up to 175. Having been involved in public speaking for many years he is able to present the information in an interesting and extremely informative style, structuring the content and pitching the level of intensity and depth to suit the delegates and the subject matter.

Having worked for Clients of all categories and in all related sectors, and over many years, Lorne is able to make any seminar relevant and to add the value of additional knowledge to those attending including by being able to relate new contracts, arrangements, issues etc to their previous/other forms.

With his own experiences as well as qualifications, Lorne is ideally suited to guide people through Construction Contract arrangements including notifications and communications, administration, Certificates, financial claims and evaluation including variations, changes, loss and/or expense, compensation events, early warning procedures, EOT, liquidated and unliquidated damages, defects and making good/correction procedures, completion and practical completion criteria etc.

Lorne also presents Breakfast Seminars in London on a regular basis.


Breakfast Seminars

Every quarter, starting in June 2013, Lorne will present a Free Breakfast Seminar to invited guests in London. The Seminars will ordinarily involve;

  • Meet at 0730 for 0800
  • Presentation 0800 -0915
  • Post presentation Discussion
  • Complimentary coffees and teas
  • Certificates of Attendance

Whilst Lorne may not, due to demand, be able at his discretion to invite you to such seminars and in which event he apologises, if you are interested in attending such seminars then please confirm that by email to

If you are invited and you are unable to attend then that is not a problem. If you do confirm you are able to attend and circumstances change then it is hoped that you would advise your non – attendance before the day. The dates will be published on this website, and in the other communications, sent out by Lorne, on a 12 months rolling basis.





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